Friday, August 7, 2009

Ways to achieve Successful and Meaningful Life...

For the very first time in UTP, i felt an excitement to go to class... ^^
There is one lecturer... who plays a role of mother, educater and nurturer to me...

She is capable to show her moral values without even showing them with words... and that is what a real muslim should behave... "Dakwah Bil Amal" ( Showing positive values in action)

These are some of the advices from her... During Corporate Ethics Lesson..

***Ways to Achieve Successful and Meaningful Life***

1) Great love, great achievement involve Great risk
Istiqamah and Tawakkal are the best to follow...

2) When you lose, dont lose the lesson
Failure is the step to gain success

3) R- Respect yourself
R- Respect for others
R- Responsibility for your action
Dont be zalim to your mind, soul and body... Dont be zalim to others... Always think the
impact of any action we have taken

4) Not getting what you desire sometimes is a wonderful stroke of luck
Pray to God to grant what you DESERVE, not what you DESIRE... only Allah knows best
for All of His creatures

5) Do not let a little dispute to injure a great friendship
An argument should not be taken so deep for so long to our friends...

6) When you realise you've made a mistake, take an immediate action to correct it
Please do not take things lighty for others may not think as the way we are thinking

7) Spend some time alone for your soul
Ask yourself back what have you done to God... Is it right? Is it wrong?

8) Open your arms to change, but do not let go your values
Change for the better person, and remain the existing positive traits within u

9) Silence is sometimes the best answer
when dealing with too many rumors, bad stories about you... do not straigthly defend
as it may bring up another stories... Silence doesnt mean that you're proven guilty...

10)Live a good and honourable life. You'll be enjoying it for the second time when you get older
Record the memories as you live in this world. Either you want to show to the world or just keep it to yourself, it's up to you

11)A loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation of your life
Make your home as heaven, it will bring piece in your mind

12)In disagreement with your significant other, deal only with the current situation, do not
bring up the past
Your significant other would not have chosen you if she/he doesnt love you

13)Share your knowledge, for it is the way to achieve immortality
Make benefits to mankind... People will remember you till death

14)Be gentle with the earth
Be kind to animals and soil... a good return you will receive, indeed..

15)Once a year, go to a place you've never been before
Forest, Moutain, Waterfall, Beach, go to places that will make you treasure this beautiful world

Thank you so much for your lessons and advices... I am glad to be your student..^^

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