Saturday, August 15, 2009


my first entry to express my sadness and regrets...(sighed)

sighing is not alwys good... however, it's the most polite and silent way to show our gloomy emotions...

how does it feel..
when we cannot feel

how does it feel
when everyhing becomes

Azham, jgn tensi2 eh.. jgn gaduh lama2 dgn your gf.. she loves u.. kalo x, watpe dia nak ada terasa hati kan? appreciate her, love her, comfort her... as how she treated u special... dont make her sad... like what i received right now..

unlike me.. i consider myself as unlucky person, though my sister always think it's the other way round...

too tired with the argument.. too hurt to let someone go...~

he might not read this post... as i am nothing to him...

how does it feel
when a house full of light
suddenly become dark and gloomy

everything was fine... as i thought... nothing could is best to take this thing alone..
as we look at the never ending stairs.. we could feel the continuous ups and down...same case in our life.. i just begin to lose confidence, wondering how i can retain this relationship...suka sgt merapuhkan lagi hubungan... ~ huhuhuuu..~~

Sorang lg pulak.. merapu raban cakap cmni...

Another reason cause me to fight..Another fuse uncovered now for me to light..My dedication to all that I've sworn to protect..I carry out my orders without a regret..You will be shown..How I've become Indestructible!!

marah? geram? rasa x puas hati melihat org lain???
with just a status ===NO REGRETZ===
should i be punished like that?
3 years i am struggling
to fade those feelings..
is there any chance for you to purify all those dusty things?

any woman... including me... prefer crying can heal some pain...
puaskah blogging mcm ni?
huhu.. x pernah rasa cmtu...

sume perkataan... fikir dlu sebelum diluahkan.. saya jaga hati dia.. tp hati saya pulak terluka..
thats the root cause of everything...~
too much i have been thinking about this
without any response..
the other always seems to be ignorant...
u must know the feeling...~

Kul 4 pg ok balik~

1 comment:

rebitputih said...

i wonder
are we doing the right thing?

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