Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Desperate Season…~

Please pardon my language… its been a while I haven’t use English as a medium of writing… hehehe…

Desperate Housewives Season 5 has already over… pretty much lessons as well as advices are given throughout the series… honestly speaking… this soap opera is not my favourite at the beginning... I began to admire since I found out that Carlos was blind… to my surprise.. he really wanted a child from Gabby before… then he got Blind?? Cedey…

With a new character.. which is Catherine..i just knew her.. pardon me with the lagging of information… gugu… a girlfriend of Mike..she knows how to cook, potential to be a good wife to every man.. unfortunately, she couldn’t afford to make Mike love order to make such a nice happy ending story for Susan Mayer, Catherine has to give up actually… It’s pretty unfair in real life.. However, if we ever to look in a bright side… I think Catherine definitely deserves a much better man than Mike..

The lost of an existing character.. Edie Britt.. I wonder if such a symbolic of Sex and Desperate character is gone.. perhaps.. there would be another interesting story in the future.. fiuh.. ~

Bree Van De Kamp… I admire this lady… she planned with Karl to hide her properties from Orson to ease the divorce process.. huh… ~ At a very surprise situation, she caught herself stealing her own house without knowing Orson has filed for insurance… Good approach, huh? All this while, I though Orson is a very lazy man… always wants to be a partner in her wife’s company without doing anything..Plus, I don’t understand his stealing habit.. he stole even a pepper shaker in Tom’s Restaurant.. haiyooo…Well Orson, with the insurance report, you can always call for police and report your wife is ‘robbing’ the house… Good2..~

Gabrielle… hohoho… Carlos's niece, Anna… who is beautiful, sexy and manipulative totally made her sick… at first, she is quite jealous when Anna has got Versace and Verra Wang dresses… not even astudent could afford to have those… Anna also influenced her daughter, Juanita on how to dress up and a lil bit touch of make up.. . Gabrielle is mad when Anna is a bit rude to her, but in front of Carlos, she pretended to cry made Carlos to angry at Gabrielle. Poor her… Season 6… please be fair to Gabby…~ gugugu…

My Favourite Character:
** Gabrielle Solis for her naughty and cute style... manje2 la senang cite~
** Carlos Solis for his dedication towards his business, good husband to Gabby
** Catherine for her personality
** Edie Britt for her seduction style
** Bree Van De Kamp for her efforts to gain success
** Lynette for her motherly behaviour, understannding wife, career woman

Well.. Well… these are all my favourite Characters in Desperate Housewives… hope to gain another lessons from you soon… ~(^^)~

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