Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Weekend Recap Classroom Training (Module 1 & 2)

Module 1 (Professional Grooming)

1) Baju kurung xleh corak2 bunga yang besar

2) tudung mesti nmpak kemas

3) jam tangan besi aksesori wajib

4) Max accesories are 5, but only 1 can can be obvious

5) 3 basic make-up: mascara, compaq powder, lipstick

6) blazer cant be wore with baju kurung at the same time

7) wear heels gelap, berkilat with a min height of 1 inch and no higher than 2 inches.

8) handbag is a must, same colour with shoes, x lembik and berkilat

Module 2 (Project Planning & Coordination)

- blur skit... sbb x dapat input...
- buktinya ?? ( markah pre-test and post-test sama 14/15)
- aku mmg x pandai management
- sakit kepala nak planning2 proposal... that's not the way i'm used to live
- i come to GEMS because of this, to encounter and vanish all my problems
- and i hope i can become better once i 'graduated' from here... HAVARD~ ;)

Reminiscing the memories, once i studied in SMAP Kajang
i cried continuosly during my Add Maths test on the day i came to register
- to my surprise, the teacher and also my new calssmates did not believe with my result
- i have to cry.. crying is not my weakness... it is my key to get my strength back
- there must be a reason behind this
- i have strong faith that ALLAH has given me chance to be better... better... better...

planning towards a better future starting from now... cant wait with Module 5 & 6 which are Problem Solving and Interpersonal Communication...


dayang said...

.wey bestnye blaja eh ak pakai jam tgan besi jugak :p

Norita Azrin said...

dayang sure dah dapat A++ in grooming session ni... ;D miss u!!

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