Monday, February 1, 2010

New Tips: RELAX..~

the opposite of relax is STRESS.. because of stress, people might become worried, nervous, unsecure, angry, jealous and many uneasy othe uneasy feelings that cause our minds to blow up..
here are some useful tips for us to reduce the cause of stress...
--> find a quiet place where you'll not be disturbed for about 15 mins
--> sit comfortable in the chair
--> close your eyes for a moment, and visualize if there are many things around your mind
--> let your thoughts go one by one...especially neutralize all the negative feelings that are still wandering around your head.. tell yourself, you can handle it later.
--> bring out thoughts that can make you feel calm and tranquil
--> breath slowly and exhale slowly using the mouth
---> soak yourself into the shower
---> breath slowly
---> make yourself feel refresh by taking aromatherapy soap
---> get a nice, clean and comfy towel for the body
---> pamper your body with softening body lotion once you've done bathing
--> have a conversation to your trusted friend
--> share the feelings and sorrows
--> it would be nice if the friend know axactly how to advice and comfort your feelings
---> the best option for MUSLIMs
---> Have faith in Allah, that only HE knows best about us
---> perform lots of prayers and seek for His guidance
Selalulah berdamping dengan golongan yang berilmu... kita akan belajar banyak daripada mereka...
Di sebalik setiap STRESS tu ada hikmah dan pengajaran yang kita dapat.. oleh sebab kita hnyalah manusia yang kerdil, kita berasa takut apabila setiap sesuatu itu tidak dapat mencapai tahap seperti yang kita harapkan... Di ceruk itu lah macam2 perasaan tidak senang akan timbul..
Kekuatan manusia adalah akal, manakala nafsu pula melemahkan ia..
The happiest people do not have the BEST of everything,
They just make the BEST of everything they have
Redha lah
itulah kunci untuk menguatkan akal..

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