Friday, November 27, 2009

"New Moon" Madness

I just saw this movie last night... Frankly, i can say that this movie is satisfying but sometimes frustrating... The story begins with Bella celebrating her birthday with the Cullens, a family of vampires. Edward Cullen, a perpetual 17 years of age, is Bella’s soul mate but his true age is actually 109 years old. He is a vampire, though, Edward refuses to change Bella while she really wants to be one as he believes it would rob her of her soul.
During the party, Bella cuts a finger on wrapping paper. The smell of her fresh blood creates the thirst of Jesper, his brother to create such a violent on Bella and Edward is forced to shield her from his family members. This event causes Edward to believe that his presence does Bella more harm than good. As a consequence Edward paternalistically decides that removal of his presence from Bella’s is the only answer to keeping Bella alive.

Since then, Bella is destroyed. She sinks into a deep depression and is only able to rise from it with the help of of Jacob Black, whom Bella treats as a good friend. Jacob Black is younger than her where she used to make excuses that she doesnt date with younger man. However, with her father's advice, Bella knew that she should have let the depression go and start to make a new normal life. She understands that she is using Jacob to create her happiness but cannot seem to help herself. She is in dept with the warmth and goodness Jacob exudes while at the same time could not afford herself to forget Edward.
One word to say to Bella- desperate recklessness. She engages in increasingly reckless acts because she hears Edward’s voice when she does so. I can personally say that she is willingly to commit suicide longing to hear the Edward's whisperes. But Jacob is the one who saved her from any of her misdoing action.. pathetic right?

The more Bella and Jacob knew each other, Bella had realized that there is even more kinds of monsters inside the wood. Jacob himself is the warewolf whose ability to kill the vampires if they violate the treaty..Bella did not even believe that Jacob and his warewolf packs can kill the vampires whom she thought the vampires are the fast monster. It is false when Lauren came as a favour to Victoria going to kill Bella as the revenge of her boyfriend's death and Bella was saved by Jacob and his warewolf gangs with such an easy kill.
The ending is just simple though. Bella makes the clive jumping as she wanted Edward to come and stop her. As she survived after the jump, several large tidal waves came to her that make her hard to survive on the surface. Luckily, she was saved by Jacob again. Many thought that Bella was death, and the news has been dissiminated to Edward. Edward begin so sad..sad like a Romeo that his Juliet is died. So he decided to show himself to human to violate the law of the Volutari because that is the only way to die for vampire.
Like "a happy ending" Bella saved from doing that. and she conviced to Edward that she is still alive. Edward then wanted to propose Bella. and that is the situation that make Jacob really sad about since he doesnt want Bella to change into vampire. He is afraid that Bella might violate the treaty that force him to kill Bella if she ever did so. The statement that I always remember said by Bella.. " I'd loved you.. But please dont ask me to make choices... Because it is always been him(Edward)... I always choose him (Edward)..."
Then Jacob ran into the deep jungle..
I can say the movie has satisfied most of the Twilight fans.. This sequel is inspiring but sometimes frustrating me a little bit. It lacks of actions compared from the previous sequel, involve a lot of Bella's recklessness and irrational actions. In overall, this sequel contained more romantic scene (triangle Love between Bella, Edward and Jacob) rather than actions that I am longing to see... what happen to Victoria.. who is going to kill her? team Jacob or Edward? too many unresolved stories in this sequel.. Victoria just come to Forks, Washinton and her scene was only to avoid, jumping-jumping every attack from Jacob.. Finally, she dived from the clive to save herself from Jacob. frustrating, right? Let's hope to see more adventurous story in the third sequel of Twilight- Eclispe then..
p/s: waiting for the release of Eclispse in MPH...

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